Lauren Conrad – READY

I know people have many opinions about her, but lately she’s really been growing on me -in a way she never did during the time she was on the hills. She seems confident, grown up and like someone you can look up to -nothing of those she had when she still was on the show. What do you think about her? And about her books? I haven’t read any of them, though the name of the latest (the video is about it’s cover shoot) – Style – makes me want to have a look.




13 thoughts on “Lauren Conrad – READY

  1. She actually looks really cute with glasses. I've always thought she seems like a lovely person, I was always surprised that she was friends with Heidi because they're such different people (even back when Heidi was "normal"). But I really admire how she's managed to turn herself into a full-on brand now. A bit like the Olsen twins. Good on her.Romanyxxp.s. thanks for your lovely comment, sweetie!

  2. I probably don't have to say anything, better if I don't get started, you know I'm the biggest fan :DD hahha..I know about her books that the 3 of them are fictional novels, a trilogy, of kinda The Hills-type story, and then the Style-book is she writing about style. I pre-ordered it. I've over-red my VB one so I'm more than happy about this coming out!!

  3. i like her casual style – she always looks great. im glad she jumped off that "the hills" train before it was too late ;)hope youre having a wonderful weekend lovelythanks for stopping byxx

  4. She´s just gorgeous,she´s kinda the nice girl next door and for me she´s always real (or appearing real and natural). I wanna read her books and trying to get "LA Candy" from the library but it´s always booked for months.. maybe I should get an own copy :D

  5. I adore Lauren. I think she seems like a very lovely woman. Never read any of her books though, but maybe I should. Have a great weekend, sweetie xo

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