fashion week, spring/summer 2011


This Collection has a very ethnic feel to it. The theme is combined with very modern and sharp cuts on the clothes and it brings out a very interesting result. For some strange reason to me this collection looks a lot like a student designed. I don’t mean it in a bad way. But somehow I can see the base of a amazing collection in here, but it just hasn’t been finished in a way that would make it a huge seller. It is so close to the spot that it gives a little uncomfortable feeling just looking at it. And at the same time I’m thinking “wow”.
For summer and spring line whites are the thing I just love. It gives such a beautiful, fresh and calm look that can be spiced up so easily with a belt, bag or shoes. Like the second look on the top row where the electric blue belt gives such a nice edge to the very feminine ruffled dress. I am not familiar with this brand in advance so I almost didn’t even check it ( I mean, it is late), but I couldn’t be happier that I did. From this bunch it is the best one to me. I adore the prints in it. They don’t look old and dusty, though they’re not using any super special technics  in them. All the white looks so nice and special. Something Hamptons worthy without a doubt.
From the start I was really into this collection, but after looking at those see-through pants time after time they started give me the creeps by looking a lot like … I don’t want to write it down here (let’s save the innocent souls) but I will say that they definitely belong to the trash, not runway (or streets, please not there!!). But if I ignore them, I do like the layering, I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary for summer, but it is the designers idea.
This collection is from this bunch absolutely my second favorite. And why? Again, the prints and the whites, with a beautiful balance. You can see the pattern here, and I don’t really mind. In the middle of this fall I can not imagine anything more relaxing than walking down beach barefoot wearing a beautiful white dress that is softly moved by the wind. I also love the lace details!
Who do you like?






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