fashion week, spring/summer 2011

NYFW SS11 Part 2

In my last NYFW post I was adoring all the white collections. When I today logged to the collections I was pleasantly pleased. So so many white collections I can’t even name all of them. Am I visionary or just lucky? I don’t really  mind. I do love this Wang collection, though I must admit I am very surprised. Wang has a great talent and he is so versatile designer that all of his collections seem to be hundred years from each other. Here, the pattern repeats. Though I enjoy seeing something completely new from a designer I am left to crave for some kind of a continuum. Sure Wang’s signature edgy style is clear in this collection as well as in the others, but such a strong change of direction is confusing.
Talking about the whites, huh? I really like this collection. Better than Wang btw, it is again very simple, though I don’t have anything against that. But some kind of finishing touches would have been nice. A bag somewhere? Jewelry? The whole collection looks a bit naked.
The short cocktail dresses are all wonderful. I can imagine Blake Lively wearing one of them easily. The subtle prints charm me as well, and the whole collection -in the full simplicity of it- looks very dapper.
This collection is such a huge challenger for all of those strong red carpet collections out there. All the dresses and gowns look like something extra flattering to be wearing on the red carpet. At the same time they are far from boring and old fashioned. Mostly, definitely something I haven’t seen yet. The two last looks are definitely Oscars worthy, though I doubt anyone is brave enough to wear such a brave print to that gala. I adore the idea of a leather cape over evening gown. And the red lining makes it look extra festive. If I could I’d definitely try to steal that idea.
I think it’s been a while since we last heard of Daniel Vosovic, if you still remember the Project Runway contestant. This collection don’t look a lot like spring. But I wanted to show his work as it is good -I think. I adore that coat in the middle of second row. The see-through white shirt with white jeans seems to be a look that’s common in many collections for the spring. Maybe something worth investing in?
This collection is however very edgy and rock influenced and I think it has much same with Topshop’s this fall’s collection. Anyone else see that?
Such a strange name, such a lovely collection! Again we can see the see-through white shirt and white pants combo on the runway. I also adore the black leather dress in the first row. Such a strong piece with a clear attitude. Not for anybody to wear, but I’d just love to see it make a red carpet appearance. Chloe Sevigny maybe? Who else would be brave enough?





8 thoughts on “NYFW SS11 Part 2

  1. great post I like some of those pieces..And its nice to see ex-Project runways contestants achieve something! Though I must agree with you Daniel's collection doesn't seem like spring so much

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