fashion week, spring/summer 2011

NYFW SS11 Part 3

This design duo is amazing. I find it so amusing and intriguing how two men with big bellys and beard and knits can create such a collection that are so beautiful, feminine and actually quite flattering. I’d love to see the world from their eyes for a day if this is how they see it. I think their fabric choices (well, what I can say by the look of them) are spot on. I think the yellow, the pink print, the cream and the white all go together so seamlessly that it is just amazing. Also, beautiful draping!
Doo.Ri has been making collection that I fall in love with for seasons and seasons now. And again, I am sold. The feather? top on the right of the bottom row is so gorgeous I’d die for it. The suit with capri pants (and I hate capri pants) looks stunning as well the ice blue dress. The collection is both very simple and yet so feminine and detailed.
This collection is sexy, it’s rock n’ roll, it’s strong and glamorous. I think it is just gorgeous, all the way. Yes, compared, it may look a bit winter-y -at first look. But all the flower prints, cocktail dresses and the chiffon. All in all something any girl would wish to be wearing while visiting Riviera. I love the turbans and the golden shaded dresses. The blue chiffon top is something I’d love to copy as well as the big bows.
Notice the leg “jewelry” first, not really shoes, not really anklets, I love the breath taking beautiful looks, that all look airy as fairies. The mauve colored gown is really amazing. The corset part is so detailed and beautiful. The shredded lace looks really gorgeous, not a bit weird, and just the way as it should.
Jill Stuart is a favorite also. Black and white collection for spring is surprising. Very chic, very parisian and huge in classic. I love the partly see-through top and skirt on the left of second row. Very interesting. The red lips also is something I think is gorgeous for spring and summer, a must have almost.
The partly worn out, dusty and dirty look works surprisingly well with the evening wear. This is ultra feminine and flattering collection. All of the looks are just bananas. The sheer and sensitive prints of colors work miracles with the extra ordinary look of this and from this bunch this could maybe be even my favorite collection. The ruff accessories work great with the fine evening gear and make it maybe a bit more practical, no?
The whole collection is full of beautiful layering and use of different fabrics. I love the embroidery on the dress in the middle of second row. The ankle long see-through shirts are interesting and the skin tight shorts are the same trend that we fought with this summer. The shoes are absolutely amazing and the mixed jacket left in the first row is really lovely.
I am sorry if this makes no sense at all -I have been writing these for a while and I am TIRED. I really like the 3D materilas with the roses ( like the yellow dress or the vest in right at bottom row). I think the designer went a bit crazy with all the prints and colors, but he pulled it together quite nicely. colorful belts seem to be something that we’ve been seeing from collection to another. So there’s another trend spotted right there. The colorful platform shoes remind me of the famous S/S 10 Miu Miu pumps, that made everyone crazy. Clearly the trend’s not over there ether.






5 thoughts on “NYFW SS11 Part 3

  1. Your fashion week coverage is always so thorough…you're amazing.I haven't heard of the first brand, but that collection looks divine…Oh it's your birthday this month? happy birthday! :DRomanyxx

  2. Hey there. Thanks for your comment on my last blog post. It was great hearing from you. I hope all is well with you. I'm looking for a new job, plus I'm thinking about going back to college. Take care. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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