fashion week, spring/summer 2011

NYFW SS11 Part 4

Ports 1961 has been getting lots of press in the blogging world lately. It is easy to see why. In this collection I really adore the detailing, the fact how every look has been put together -and the whole collection too. I love that there is that statement look, that is seen all over the collection, without the looks ending up looking just like one an other. I also love the styling. It is su subtle it’s easy to miss completely -and in a fashion show, I think it should be just like that (I mean unles the brand makes accessories/bags/shoes themselvs )

Not a familiar name, but definitely on my favorite list of collections (you can check it at facebook!). The whole collection is so beautiful there are no words and the dresses are all princess worthy. I love the gown on right of the bottom row, as it reminds me of the dress Carrie wore to Miranda’s decorator’s wedding. It’s my all time favorite outfit of hers and this is getting high points for obvious reasons also. As you may have noticed I am a gal who loves, loves, loves a little bling and evening gowns. And almost any collection with amazingly beautiful gowns wins my heart over.

This collection has a lot same with Jason Wu. The difference is there and it’s in the influences and theme -I think. Where as Jason Wu was sexy and feminine (femme fatale almost) this collection reminices the late 40s and 50s Dior with the gloves, updos, highlighted waist, twinset redos and pencil skirts. It’s an era I really adore and I think this collection got it quite right. It’s not too much like the original, definitely some new stuff in there mixed. But it has a strong style and I’m definitely won over.

Rag & Bone is not one of my personal favorites, but I know it has a huge fanbase out there, so I decided to post their collection also. Again there can be seen big influence from grunge and this time I think I can see some industrial influences also. As a result these two strange things (together I mean) out come as a Greek Goddess kind a look,  mixed with a 90s sport spice. Still remember her?

Preen is such a long time favorite. They do no wrong in my eyes, and their line stands strong this time also. I love the lilac, the soft beige and the blue-ish grey. I love the 3D fabrics (these are clearly a trend too, seen them in so many collections so far, and to think that it all started with H&M!), they are again in shapes of flowers. So sweet. I love that Preen combines structured pieces with very soft and gentil chiffon skirts. A favorite also!

A new commer also -for me, This collection had a lots of super bright outfits and I know I consciously left them mostly out of this collage. I don’t like neon blue, red or any other neon. Simple as that. What I do like is the bright yellow dress. Amazing show stopper don’t you think? And quite literally bananas!


I sometimes wish I could dress according to one underground group (I don’t know if that’s the right word…), and If I’d had to chooce one it’d be the nerdy look. And something like this would be perfect. With big big glasses and messy hair it would be so adorable. I do love many pieces in this collection and adore the prints. Something different!





6 thoughts on “NYFW SS11 Part 4

  1. Great collections! I just love everything about Port. Minimalistic, clean lines and structure.Thanks for stopping by me :)

  2. Costa is in my list. I just did the edit of his collection. I'll post it soon.Great reviews BTW, I didn't like all of your favourite collections, but I can totally see your point.

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