fall/winter 10/11, lookbook

Gina Tricot Fall 10

(source: ginatricot.com)

I am trying to go without shopping this month. You can just believe how hard it is. The fact that I really don’t have any money makes it a bit easier. So as any girl in my situation I am doing what I absolutely should not. I’m checking all the look books and the online stores, looking for the things I am craving for so bad right now. Gina Tricot is Swedish high street chain, it’s insanely affordable and I usually find something I like at there. They always use the same model -at the moment she is Emanuel de Paula. Beautiful, no? What do you think of these looks? Worth shopping for?





8 thoughts on “Gina Tricot Fall 10

  1. ahah I'm trying the same, no shopping for one month… I will go on a long trip to the states at the end of October and I'm trying to save some cash… but jeez, that's hard! and not checking out all the new lookbooks and collections unimaginable!:)xxxxx

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