fashion week, spring/summer 2011

NYFW SS11 Part 5

I don’t think all collections need to look like the season they are sold for. I fully understand that some designers don’t even want or try to achieve anything like that, many of them see is as a way of art. Though this brand ain’t quite there, they have such a strong style that differs from the “main”. I love their use of leather and silk?. I love the gothic influence as well as the prints. It all brings together such a interesting collection, it’s definitely on my favorites.

Could this be any more cotton candy and cupcakes? Not much! I do love the sporty, cutesy colors and the big puff sleeves. I do think the clothes didn’t fit the models quite right = ended up looking like they’re supersizing ans everything but flattering. I think a dress like that would look great with some curves and something to fill up the dress. I do adore the more structured pieces and think that the “egg shaped” dresses/coats/whatever are bit of a trend and very cute.

The background of the show is a bit far from DKNY’s traditional look, but after a while I think it looks super cute and fresh with the letters and the bright contrast colors. The collection itself is a very classic and preppy look, lots of bows, chinos, knits, scarfs etc. I do love the black bow belts, something like that can really make the outfit come together so well. Also -loving the pumps!

I love, love, love this collection! So sharp, so edgy, so trendy, perfect for beach and for a day on the city. Gorgeous white pieces and some not umbarresing whole denim looks. Fancy dresses, gladiator sandals and heels. What more could you ask for summer? Nothing! Derek Lam is a young, succefull, talented and an amazing designer. I really look up to him and maybe one day I could wear the white dress and look as hot as Freja does wearing it!

Y-3 is definitely edgy and a brand with an attitude. Again, no dissapointment here. I love the “sports bra tops” I think there is something incredibly sexy and smart about them. The grunge is still alive -did it ever die? And the 90s are visible by also the white sneakers (still, doesn’t look good for me!). Also I love the vampire influences! (I’m loooving them!)


For first thing, I love the bird print. So sweet and with perfect colors! I also think that making a pants out of it might be pushing it too hard, but for me, surprisingly it wins me over. I think the suede shorts are cute -though dangerous. And that the whole collection is made of really practical and really beautiful pieces of clothes that you can actually wear. So it’s not a surprise to me that United Bamboo is getting bigger name.





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