fashion week, spring/summer 2011

NYFW SS11 Part 6

At first I was a a fan of Mulberry only slightly for the bags, then I had the heureka moment and became a real serious fan -but still for the bags. And during last fashion week while I was checking their F/W 10 collection I fell all over in love with them. Give me Mulberry socks and I’ll be in fashion heaven.
This collection is just lika the last one. So cute, so lively, so feminine, so fun. Just perfect mix of all the things I look out for in my love for fashion.

Shall I ever marry a millionare I will -and I’d swear this on Chanel If  I could- wear a Monique Lhuillier gown. These gowns reach perfection time after an other. In this collection I love the metallic finishing many of the garments have, very glamorous, very beautiful!

I don’t think one could talk about New York fashion week without mentioning Marc Jacobs. Again the master did it. The collection is very rich in colors, shapes and materials. We have plum, pink, red, orange, mustard, mauve etc. We have much of decolte, non of it, mini length, midi length, maxi length, big shoulders, one shoulders, big sleeves and no sleeves at all etc.
I wouldn’t have guessed this to be a spring line, but from Marc I take anything, but just think how perfect a colorful outfit like this would be in the middle of bright summer, why let the flowers bloom, when you can instead!

This collection from Malandrino is very ethnic and complicated, and it still manages to stay peaceful. I really love all the special prints that have been shown here. I also like the way they’ve been shaped up to be like anything else than traditional. The shapes embrace feminine curves and really flatter them.

Jenny Packham is a designer who is one of my favorites, is very talented and doesn’t get all the press she deserves. I wish to see her designs more and more, because they are all simply stunning. And though very feminine, beautiful and elegant they still are powerful and new. Or what do you say of a jumsuit made out of chrystals and see-through material?

Herve Leger by Max Azria has the same look over and over again. From season to season. Yes, every celebrity seems to want their redcarpet moment in a dress of theirs, but how much worth is it? I think they’ve been repeating themselves for far too long and their look has started to look really boring and old. How does tha song go… So 2008, so 2000 and late? It’s true in here at least.
What do you think, is Herve Leger look getting boring yet or not?





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