fall/winter 10/11, lookbook

Zara lookbook fall 10

(source: zara.com)
I really love Zara and I really love their collection for this fall. Here is some of the ones I liked (and by some, I mean all of them -quite literally) I do think these pieces would make the perfect fall wardrobe and right now I am really pissed for  having the closest Zara more than 300 km away from me, and on top of that, that they don’t ship to finland, from their oh, so wonderful online store! (Or at least I didn’t get the option of buying anything from the site, though I saw the prices, if you know how it should work PLEASE, tell me!). It is just so frustrating, I waited three years for Topshop to ship here and I will do something terrible if I need to wait that long for it to happen again with this case.
I love online shopping -though I am quite shy at it, I’m so strict about the fitting and the feeling of each piece that  the result doesn’t work well most of the time at all. But I do believe that having an online store that ships only to the largest already existing market (countries in this case) is stupid. Isn’t the joy of internet that we’re all connected? It feels odd for me to see that they ship to just few countries, I’d understand it better, if it was a small business, just starting their way in the world and they wouldn’t have the money, staff and time to do more, but the ones like Zara do not have any of those reasons to blame this on. I could keep on talking about this the whole night, but I guess it makes none a difference.
Do you feel frustrated with the limitations of internet?
And what do you think of these looks? I just visited a blog that had a huge conversation about how Zara’s collection seemed granny like and there were a lot of superlatives about the issue. I don’t feel that my style is granny like, nor that the clothes would look like it -so it will be my last time there unfortunately. But what do you think? How would you describe the collection?



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10 thoughts on “Zara lookbook fall 10

  1. Frustrated by online shopping? Hahahahha, there's almoust NO online shopping here where I live, that way worse believe me :((((( Top Shop had a store here and then they closed for some reason, it's such a pitty :((((( Tho, I have few Zara stores around here… But no online shopping for Serbia either :(xoxoVEnoma

  2. I don't think the collection is granny like at all; I think it's too minimalistic for my taste but I like the simplicity. I agree with you about the online stores…I wish Zara and H & M ship internationally! xoxoxoxooo

  3. -S says:

    Love the pieces! Love internet shopping (so easy when U have a little child! :D)AND I'm frustrated too.. And I'm also frustrated with online shops which only work with VISA or mastercard 'cause I don't have one! :)

  4. This is a celebration of yummy caramel. Comfy knits and heart-warming, candied capes.Hot apple cider to the sartorial soul. I'll gladly have a cup… and sip it to the last drop.

  5. loving this neutral color pallete outfit ! RE: i agree with you ! the ease of communication and internet makes fashion "travel" faster.. thus having trends communicated faster as well ! and yes probably we can define our trends via silhouette.. like the skinny jeans and legging you talked about :)

  6. i adore zara! especially this fall… so many wonderful pieces. i've already bought something and know i will be back for more…. i do wish their online store shipped everywhere!

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