Collection, fashion week, spring/summer 2011

Rochas Spring 2011


I don’t know if this collection speaks to you as it speaks to me, but I find it extremely inspiring and refreshing. I loved the prints in the beginning of the show, even more the crazy full dresses that came after that. The super sleek and sophisticated silk gowns are gorgeous, almost straight from the history books, but with that extra sexy thing in them, that would not have been allowed in the original time. I think the completely blue eye makeup is actually quite adorable, though it clearly is just for catwalk use -at least in this  level. But I do feel like going for a blue eyeshadow now somehow, which I have no idea if I should do as I have blue eyes. Is it a not? or hot?

I love how bare the cleavage was left in most of the looks. It wasn’t in the sex kitten kind a way we are used to think when we read it as words, but rater in the innocent way of not really knowing the complete meaning of the thing. I do love love love the overall feminine and shy girly touch that the whole collection has. Feels definitely like summer!



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