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Red hair

As you can see my hair situation is in much better place right now. I can’t even figure it out why I ever went back for brunette, when I feel this gorgeous and “right” in the red. You may not know it, but during the first two years of my blog I was red head and on and off before that also. It’s the one thing I always come back to.

Now that the basics are OK in the hair department I have decided to take the extra inch and learn how to make them pretty. From the first shots the color has faided a bit -but  that’s the case with red color always. I’m in love anyways.



8 thoughts on “Red hair

  1. I think the red looks really gorgeous on you and suits you perfectly! Wouldn't have guessed you were anything else

  2. -S says:

    Oh baby! Pics are so lovely! Especially those in front of the graveyard!! <3Ps. I tried to color my hair in redish color and it came out dark brown :D wtf? :D

  3. i thought you looked beautiful being brunette, but of course this color is gorgeous as well!i think big fluffy 70's curls would look great on you, especially your hair being so long(so jealous!!!)

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