fall/winter 10/11, shop

Greedy at H&M

(source: hm.com)
I know I should go for the better quality ones, but naturally my bank account disagrees. So today as I was at H&M, shopping till my brain froze, I met the most amazing party dresses, so gorgeous colors, cuts, embroidery etc. I really need to get few of them. And some places to wear them at. If you haven’t yet started your hunt for the dress for the new year / christmas / work place’s christmas party etc. what ever you can come up with as an excuse for it. And if you’re on the budget -like me- I can say that there was a great selection.


14 thoughts on “Greedy at H&M

  1. Lovely dresses, I love the nude and turqoise ones!! I hope my new year´s eve will be a posh one that I would have a reason to get one of those… I´m eyeing on the turqoise one already for a time…And ja, I think walking on heels is pretty much a thing abt being used to it. I should just start to use them :D and then comes the next level walking in winter on them…

  2. Anonyymi: Jos tarkoitat 1 ja 2, niitä kahta en livenä nähnyt, mutta kuvat bongasin (ja ihastuin) H&M press sivuilta paketista, joiden tuotteet tulee myyntiin viikoilla 41-45 muistaakseni, eli ihan vielä niitä ei mistään välttämättä löydykkään.juliet xxx

  3. you have THE BEST TASTE EVERRRR! all of these pieces are fantastic. i especially love the second jacket!thanks a lot…now i'm going to have to go shopping!sincerely, YCMsincerelyycm.blogspot.com

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