15 thoughts on “Day to Night.

  1. this is a great editorial. thanks so much for posting! it was so inspirational for the fall season!sincerely, Msincerelyycm.blogspot.com

  2. HELLO! Tykkään tosi paljon sun blogista! Mä bloggaan minute.devote.se jos kiinnostaa, asun ruotsissa… Kiva että suomalaistetkin ovat innostuneita muodista!xxx

  3. Gorgeous model and editorial! I really love the menswear-inspired pieces. I need to find a coat like these ones!

  4. Hello there. I wanted to leave you a comment letting you know that my computer has died. I did do one last post before I have to take my hiatus from blogging. I hope you'll check it out. I'd love to see your comments. I'm hoping to be back asap. I'll miss your blog while I'm gone. Take care. Enjoy the week ahead.

  5. love all these looks! so awesome! it's keeps getting hot then cold then hot then cold… i want it to cool down so i can wear more layers!

  6. Hola guapa!! Qué tal? Muchas gracias por pasarte por mi blog y por tu comentario :)Por cierto, hay un sorteo en mi blog, por si quieres participar… Creo que te va a gustar!Un besooLara

  7. Missy was always my favorite of the Rayder sisters. Loving the 70's feel of this editorial. It looks like it was inspired by the movie Chinatown.

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