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I want a tattoo

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But I’m too scared.
I’m going tomorrow to Helsinki for an important meeting with a capital I. I am super nervous and I can just wish that it goes alright, that I don’t make a fool of myself, get lost, miss my train or realize I’ve already done some giant error.
Please wish me luck! I know I’ve been real bad blogger lately, but this project has been stressing me out so bad I have had no interest in fashion! Am I sick? YES!!! 
If today goes well, and as planned, I’ll be with you on regular basics sooner than you can spell Lagerfeld!

With the greatest love,


P.S. my copy of Lauren Conrad’s Style is on mail! Can’t wait!

12 thoughts on “I want a tattoo

  1. The feather on the shoulder is beautiful! I have a small martini glass with a green olive on the back of my left wrist and a little anchor on the back of my upper right forearm. I love understated tattoos with not too much meaning and which look awesome :Pxx

  2. huu, I don't have the guts.. I've been thinking about getting one since I was 19… And never could… I'm scared of the pain and it's not easy to pick a picture for forever..

  3. I love the McQueen armadillo shoe tattoo! I want to get that one tattooed on my rib.Please follow me

  4. good luck and how i want a tattoo aswell!! im so scared too. i have 8 piercings but when i think tattoo im like AHH>,< also dno what design to get.. dn wana regret later on haha x

  5. i would love a feather tat like the ones shown above. they are so beautiful. but i would be scared as well!!! thank you for visiting our blog & leaving comments :}xo, camilla &

  6. I'd like to have a tattoo, but I fear it would bore me after some time – and then what?! Maybe a temporary one…?

  7. I Just got my first tattoo's on monday, Seeing the pics of the Feather tattoos made me realise thats what i want to get next! They're Gorgeous!^To those worrying about the pain, it varies between people and area's on the body, but got mine on my hips (one of the worst places cos of the bones!!) And at first it felt like a wasp sting you multiple times, and i can't lie, it hurt like hell! But it numbs up after a bit (:(: xx

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