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Home decor wishlist

1. Pillow from Hemtex, 2. Pillow from H&M Home, 3. Pillow from H&M Home, 4. Picture frame Zara Home from, 5. Pillow from H&M Home, 6. Christmas tree decorations from, 7. Hand towels from H&M Home, 8. Scented candle Figuier, 9. Tablet from H&M Home, 10. Kashmire Felt from H&M Home, 11. Home fragrance Zara Home from, 12. Kitchen towel from H&M Home, 13. Textile basket from H&M Home.

Here is the look I am wishing to achieve this winter. When I begun this picture I had no idea what colors I even wanted. But I see that it’s pretty much red and silver. Who knew? What do you think of this style?
Do you decorate for Christmas / Winter?


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