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At the moment I am trying to convince myself that even though I’d get through the traffic at H&M online store I wouldn’t get anything Lanvin -not anything else for that matter. I don’t usually get problems with money, I am good at saving it, but even better at spending it. You might question how one manages to be good at both -at the same time. Well, my saving means me putting away money that  I need for something and then simply not touching it. I’m very good at it. But my spending means that I’ll literally shop until I’ll drop and until I have nothing on my bank account (naturally with all the savings intact). I can see that there’s nothing healthy about this, and because of it I am trying to learn a healthier way to do it. And not to be in pain cause of a separation of beautiful clothes. For one (which is the main reason I’ll celibate from Lanvin) I have decided not to get anymore party dresses. I have too many already. And If I “can’t” wear the ones I have I’ll sell them. Simple as that. Girl has only that many chances to wear nice dresses, and a quiet one like me has even less of those.

I’ll also admit that I need a new schoolbag (one that actually holds my papers and other stuff I do need daily) and a new winter coat. I do understand that there’s no worst time for getting a winter coat than November -expect December. But What can I say, these are both things I should have gotten a year or two ago. Instead I have gotten many lovely things and already gotten ride of part of them. So I have my priorities right now.

I also am going to sell my camera and downgrade it. Not price wise, as my camera is pretty old, but with the power. At the moment I have Canon EOS 300D. My lovely boyfriend (who loves to photograph) got it for me few years back, and to say it honestly I never got around learning to use it. My temper is far too short and I’m just not all that interested in photography that I’d spend all the time and money on it. So when I’ll get it sold I’m getting Canon IXUS 100is. It’s pretty, good quality and small. For me that’s more than enough.

I’m also being smart in few other  ways. I am getting the ipod classic I’ve been talking about getting for _years_, since my current mp3 player doesn’t even get started. As an extra I’ve invested in the Lauren Conrad Style book (not arrived yet) and with the help of it I’m trying to make my wardrobe make sense. Which it doesn’t at the moment.

So here’s the most of my outbreak. I have already last few weeks starting to count before every single nonsense shopping, not that it’s working yet all that well, but I hope it’s going to in some time. I really can’t afford to get all the cute tops that in somehow fit in my budget. I want to go out eating with my boyfriend, dancing with my friends and visit my parents more frequently. And for all that I unfortunately need money. And those thing do count more for me than the tops I most likely don’t wear as often as their price would require.

So now that I’ve made this public information I need and must stick with it. And mom, before you worry: I never spend the money I need for food. I’m not crazy like that. I just think there could be a better/smarter way to use it.



4 thoughts on “Savings…

  1. The cruise was indeed very crazy :DIt´s good to save money and especially for something special,then you have more time to think if you really want/need this thing.Did you ever think about flea market? There you could get rid of stuff & get money too :)

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