Editorial, New York Times

Pure White

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue
The New York Times Style Magazine
Photographed by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello
Model: Amanda Norgaard
Styled by Anne Christensen
 This editorial has just the right amount of snow and light that it makes me think of spring. February maybe. We do already have snow, and freezing temperature, but this time of year there’s so little of light that I never get to see it during week. It’s dark when I go to school and it’s just as dark when I walk home. And I don’t  do that long day. Just something like from 9 to 3. So when after new year the light starts to “be more around” we’re all full of joy. These photos were shot in Sweden, so practically (from the world’s point of view) speaking next door. I am a girl from the country side, which I know I say constantly, and nature is a huge part of me. This editorial makes me see the good in winter, not the worst of it -that I’m right now mostly thinking about.
Any of you have the full four seasons? What do you think?



11 thoughts on “Pure White

  1. What breath taking photographs. I live in Scotland and we're getting snow this week but when it lands on Edinburgh we only get a little bit. Deep snow reminds me of ski holidays abroad. xwww.lovefromloulou.blogspot.com

  2. Hi, thanks for dropping a comment on my last post, I do like Kate Hudson, she is a lovely girl. But Kate Beckinsale is just so much more sexy. :)I love your pics, the snow looks so clean and beautiful.Hope your day is going to be great.Colin.

  3. Awesome editorial! I cannot imagine being without seeing the light for days…I'm from Italy and like all mediterranean ppl my mood depends a lot from the amount of light a see during the day!

  4. hi darling! thanks for sharing.this editorial is amazing.i long for summer too. but you're right, these images are amazing. and makes winter look like fantastic..(though it's really a lot better with summer )wish you a wonderful weekendxx

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