Editorial, Vogue

Grand "Old" Lady

(source: fashion gone rogue)

Vogue India

Model: Cindy Crawford
Photographed by Mark Seliger
Styled by Anaita Shroff Adajania

I know she is so photoshopped in these photos, but just for the her I had to post these anyways. Not that much inspiration as these are summer shots, not winter and they don’t blow my mind -in any other way than Cindy being in them. She’s a true supermodel.



12 thoughts on “Grand "Old" Lady

  1. She´s really a supermodel and so classy! She and Claudia Schiffer are the first models I can remember to notice,when I was younger :)Thanks for the Tallinn tips, I have to check the hotel you´ve been,but I think my budget would be more a hostel :D

  2. gorgeous photos, she looks so so pretty!i have added you to my links list!please add me to yours!thankyou for the comment on my blog :)XOXO, BECCAwww.fashion-train.co.uk

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