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Claudia E

Claudia Estrada, an Ecaudorian born designer based in Miami, adds a twist of airy fabrics, bright colors, and soft patterns which are introduced in this year’s spring fashion line. ClaudiaE’s trademark are apparent in the colorful yet sophisticated leggings. This season, ClaudiaE presents her collection with a diverse selection of dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts.

I really like the playful and girly style of the clothes, that somehow reminds me a bit of London. I also enjoy the unusual shapes and silhouettes, that have both mature and childlike manners, tops that are short from the front vs. blazers with wide collars. The prints are clearly the most interesting part, but I am drawn also to the cut of the clothes -which I think is quite classic and flattering.
I always love to learn about new designers so finding out about her was a treat, and somehow those jeans in the last photo with the cutouts on knee simple like that draw me in, though I really didn’t think they were my style.
You can visit ClaudiaE  at



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