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Love and other drugs premiere’s

Dress by Antonio Berardi and nude pumps from Sergio Rossi.

In this outfit for the Hollywood Premiere I think Anne did well, It is very much her style, sophisticated, simple and yet quite fashionable. I love how a simple and a classic pencil skirt shape is made fresh and interesting with the lace inserted in the seams of the dress (mitäköhän leikkaussauma on englanniksi?) also the cross in the middle of the body makes the dress more interesting and balanced.  With the sweetheart cut on the dress a small neckline is definitely the best option.
Oscar de la Renta

This dress from Oscar de la Renta Anne chose for the Sydney opening. And I really like it. It doesn’t scream her and yes, it’s definitely surprising, bit retro and more glam than we are used to see her, but she looks stunning however and makes it hers. I’m not sure what I think about celebrities wearing the next season ahead of time, but I guess it’s alright to wear S/S 11 in Australia -they’re having summer there now, aren’t they?
Valentino Couture

Last but definitely not the least is the NY premiere dress by Valentino Couture. Which I by the way absolutely love. And from these three it’s definitely my favorite. Valentino himself made a visit to the red carpet which I think is 100% thanks to Anne. The A-shape, suede clutch, bow at the neck and bare arms with bare legs look really cute. And her beyond gorgeous brunette hair just makes it all work in a whole new level. I wish I had hair like hers.

Which is your favorite from these?



5 thoughts on “Love and other drugs premiere’s

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