Collection, pre-fall 2011

Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2011

If you’ve been following my blog a longer time you know that I love Burberry Prorsum and that I think that Christian Bailey is pretty much a genius. So as I now – late – start to unroll the pre-fall 2011 collections here on the blog it is only natural that I start with Burberry – it’s almost alphabetic!
The collection is pretty much like the few previous collections have been. Not that much shearling jackets, or at all actually – for us girls at least. But the main point definitely was on the coats, which is the without a doubt most obvious trade mark of Burberry. Though trench coats are there, they’re only the modern twists of the past. I wouldn’t dare to wear one of those gems to rain.
For first the casual-ish pieces and looks. There’s a strong vibe from the 70s and a much tweed mixed with modern materials. I really like the fitted blazers, light brown leather belts tied many times around the waist and did you notice the boots? Pretty gorgeous heels!
The more structured pieces are clearly more elegant and sophisticated than the 70s vibe jackets. i love specially the rasberry-deep blue dress with the fur sleeves (on the far right). The detailed collars work wonders after all the talk about shoulders. I also like the hemline being just above the knee. As there surely isn’t any more flattering length of dress for anyone.
When for the last few seasons Burberry has been using shearling coats more than anybody else and it has worked marvels for them. But it just might be a time for a change? I am a girl who loves fur, it is luxurious, chic and timeless. These pieces are the gorgeous mix of fur and fabric, it’s a hard thing to do well, but Christopher does it just so well.
When I look at these gowns separately from the other collection I get a bit grunge feeling. I don’t know if I’m taking it too far, but mixing knit with satin? It looks a bit 90s to me. I really love the draping on the pieces. And the long sleeves look pretty awesome on the gowns as well. I am not sure if these will ever end up on the red carpet, much more likely to more privet, classy events.

As the collection featured both men and women I wanted to share this part with you too. Or at least my favorites. I really like bags on guys, or at least bags like these. I’m seriously going to get one. Someday. Proper coats like these I really like on men too, even more after I visited Paris. The all black suit is a bit obvious, but something I think I won’t grow out of for a long time.

What are you thinking?



10 thoughts on “Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2011

  1. Hei,yes and I even stay until the beginning of 2011! I was last year for new years eve in Finland and everyone was just drunk as always ;) so I prefer to have something different ;D

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