Collection, pre-fall 2011

ADAM Pre-Fall 2011

Adam Lippes is a very talented designer, there is no doubt. His style has never been overpowering, scandalous nor sexy in the Tom Ford kind-a-way. But his signature is indeed in the elegant, feminine and sophisticated small gestures. I think he’s pieces are lovely and classic. On a model the clothes don’t yet wake up to life, but I can see it with my eyes how simple, easy and natural any of these pieces would look on a superstar scarlet with her hair a bit messed up, bag hanging from her shoulder and her hands full of things; cigarette, coffee mug, ipod, cellphone, shopping bags or baby.


I think these pieces I chose here reflect the most classic pieces that we have today. The elegant dress you wear when you want to make your ex jealous, the dress you wear for yourself, the evening dress you wear to that too nice cocktail thing-gy you never though you’d get in. The Chanel-esque skirt and jacket suit you wear to work to the most important meeting and the most warm shearling jacket and beautiful boots you wear on a simple night out with your girlfriends. Am I right? Or am I right?

I love how he managed to use prints that by them selves are so restless and confusing and make them look so quiet and calm. Quite a talent. I also think that the shearling jacket is the best one I’ve seen since Burberry. Honestly, that’s much to say.

What’s your say?




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