Collection, pre-fall 2011

Calvin Klein Collection Pre-Fall 2011

I look up to Calvin Klein. Though it’s so far from my personal style and though I’m not sure I’d even ever want to dress just like that.
But no  matter that I really enjoy looking at pieces like Calvin Klein’s. They’re so clean, perfectly cut and pretty much fit amazingly. I also admire the way the use materials. As that’s pretty much all they play with. There’s not much color, not details, just few main points in the garment made with as simple things as pockets and classic  / basic cuts. And you can see that the materials aren’t any more random than what ever it was that Einstein discovered.
I love it how they’ve focused on few pieces and made variations of it. I don’t know how good it is from a more commercial point of view, but I don’t think company like CK takes much chances. I love it how shocking the dress made out of shining material look like. Fantastic. Also the trousers being just a bit too long and made out of material that makes it look so flattering and -well, almost sexy.

The other half of the collection is naturally white. There were two (or three?) nude colored pieces. All of them quite lovely, for the people who’s skin color won’t work well with white nor black. Back to the white pieces. Long sleeves, simple and fitted as they are I think they’re quite brilliant -specially for pre-faal collection. At least here where I live in the time of beginning of fall those do come really handy. I’m not the biggest fan of the layered look (second from right), but I think CK might be onto something with it. It’s interesting at least.

You thoughts?




20 thoughts on “Calvin Klein Collection Pre-Fall 2011

  1. I like Calvin Klein too. because of the simplicity. I would not choose to have my whole wardrobe by ck, but I'd love to have some timeless pieces, simply because they can be worn in so many different ways, and provide the perfect base to just about any outfit.Thanks for sharing these.have a wonderful week dearhappy holidaysx

  2. I completely agree. His aesthetic is a bit intimidatingly minimalist for me, but i love the architectural lines of it, and it looks fantastic in editorials.

  3. I love how simple every piece the CK creates is. Its makes layering them with other pieces so easy. It helps that the cut of all the pieces are timeless making them great investment pieces.♥K

  4. I feel that CK has always been the leader of minimalism – it's just that now it's in trend it feels more relevant, but it's always been there! I remember a few of my mother's pieces from 10 years ago and they still look like this, crisp lines and clean colour palette… Ah must dig!

  5. love love love this collection, each outfit is gorgeous!thankyou for the comment on my blog & MERRY CHRISTMAS!XOXO,

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