Collection, pre-fall 2011

3.1 Phillip Lim Pre-Fall 2011

3.1 Phillip Lim is a hot thing now. And it’s been like that since Vogue lifted up his fall 2006 collection. I really like the presentation of this collection. The changing color of the background ties together different families of the looks and each color gives us a different look on the collection. For me, the sweet pink stole my heart. But for someone more rock n’ roll the black will take the first step and for someone a bit like Alexa Chung the green might be the one.

From this collage my favorite look is the second from right. The simple vest with black trousers and belt. Simple is the best. But I’m not saying the more complicated looks weren’t to my taste. I love the fur coat, the cape like coats and the combination of pure white with clean colors; black, navy, grey, baby pink and light green.

In this collage it shows clearly that neckline isn’t the thing in this collection, legs are. The cleavage is hidden with round  necklines and the shorts, skirts and dresses always end before the knees where as the sleeves are mostly long. I think it’s a fun look and suits really well for the pre-fall collection.


From this last collage the leather dress is my absolute favorite. And one of my favorite looks in the whole collection. I think the baby blue jump suit is also a genius piece, so much fun! The collaboration of chiffon sleeves in the winter coat is pretty cool as well I think.




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