Collection, pre-fall 2011

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

Chanel is clearly been all over the blogs and internet for a while already. So I don’t think I will offer anything new to anyone with this post. But as I love the collection so much -as well as I do love Chanel naturally. So here it comes.

The whole collection was inspired by Byzantine and all the gold, embellishments, lace, detailing and jewelry  ties it together in a brilliant way. I love the way how Karl makes every collection such a clear and brilliant package. Karl knows how to use the classic details, fabrics and pieces of Chanel, without making them look ruined. He also has the amazing imagination of using a whole different inspirations in each of his collections. There’s not a drop of ice or polar bears in this collections.

I love these embellished Chanel jackets in this collection. They are Chanel 100% and still there’s something really fresh in them in my eyes, or at least as much freshness as there can be in jeweled jacket.   The updo is also something I’d like to try to copy. A high messy bun at the top of the head with head band around it.


Bambi looks amazing in this collection, the makeup and hair suits her style more than other girl (I think) though until now I haven’t really been a big fan of hers. The dress she wears here and the cape on the other end are my personal favorite pieces in this collection.



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