Collection, pre-fall 2011

Erdem Pre-Fall 2011

I think Erdem made amazing rise at last fashion week. And this collection keeps the standard just as high. I really adore the prints. And the colors as well. I like the way the collection has been evolved as far as possible.

One of the most enchanting things about this collection is the way it’s presented. I love how the background is so simple and the shadows of the model make it more interesting by 10 miles. The collection is very focused on the waist as it’s the focus point in most of the pieces. The prints obviously play a leading role as well, and somehow everything else seems to fall around it all. Few of the pieces resemble the Christopher Kane pieces few seasons ago, but I don’t think they do it in too obvious kind a way, as the silhouettes of the dresses are a clear continuum to the rest of the dresses.

In this collage many of the prints used in the collection show lovely. The space print far right, small print on the second from right, flower-esque second from left and the mostly blue one far left.


It’s so hard to even to try to name a few favorites from this collection, but if I would have to, with a gun on my forehead. I think I would take one look from this collage. The blue lace dress is such a stunning piece I think I’d go with it. I am also charmed by the floor length gown and I would really love to see it worn on the red carpet.



12 thoughts on “Erdem Pre-Fall 2011

  1. Hi Juliet, I tend to agree with you on the blue dress, it really stands out. Thanks for the kind wishes, best wishes to you too for 2011, and thanks for your loyal visits to my site. I really appreciate it.Enjoy your evening.Colin.

  2. I would love to own something from Erdem, I love that each cut is so elegant, yet the colours are fun mixed with gorgeous florals… what more could a girl want?!

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