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Outfit on video

Coat: Etcetera
Bag: River Island
Jeans: Only
Boots: Bianco
Ponytail thinggy: Seppälä

This is my first real video here on the blog. My bf got a new camera – Canon 5D Mark II and we wanted to test the video thinggy in it. I think it turned out pretty nice. The idea of this video was to feature my new coat in action. I got it from Stockman, the nicest department store we have here in Finland. As it was -40% I think it was quite a great find.

I went shopping today. Made a reservation for a hairdresser. Asked a place for an intern (don’t yet know the answer, I’ll tell when I know). I went to GinaTricot and got a black tulle skirt, two finger ring and some blog giveaway prizes for the future. So follow.

So tell me what do you think of this? Do you want more or definitely not?



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19 thoughts on “Outfit on video

  1. Hi Juliet, what a question, definitely more!! I think that was brilliant, and I have to add, I think you are a very brave girl to shoot a video right there in public. But then, the people must have thought you were a professional model doing a video shoot for some big shot tv channel… :)Love your outfit, and I think you are a fabulous model.Enjoy your weekend.Colin.

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