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Outfit from last week

Jeans: Only
T-shirt: American Apparel
Necklace: Kalevala
Blazer: H&M
These outfit snaps were taken at the same day as the video. It was just a simple day of shopping and doing errands so I opted for something simple like this. And yes, I have hair dresser appointment for tomorrow, so I’ll get a clear color instead of this messy thing I have now. I can’t wait.


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15 thoughts on “Outfit from last week

  1. i love that american apparel tee- they really have the best basic items!i'd also like to thank you for your sweet comments about my grandfather – i truly appreciated them.

  2. The blazer looks great, nice outfit!And this 30 days post is perfect for times when you have not much time. I prepared already some for the more busier days ;)

  3. you're so cute darling.i love your blazer. and that makes me think- i need to find all my blazers again.. hope you're having a good monday dearxx

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