today on me

Outfit from fall 2008

Dress: Lindex
Scarf: Vintage
Tights: Seppälä
Watch: DKNY

I posted my new years resolution about losing weight and somebody commented that I looked just great the way I look now. Oh well. I might look ok, but I did look amazing. This photo is from fall of 2008, just one year into the relationship with my bf. And look at me! Seriously.  I look smokin’ in here and that’s how I want to feel about myself again.

Now, I know I didn’t need to do this at all (this public mentioning of the whole thing) but I read somewhere that making the decision public makes better chances to success. So that’s my point in all this. I don’t want to leave myself any escape from this thing.

I have no idea why I never back the published this photo. I still remember that I was meaning to do it. I loved the look back then too (which you can see in that I still remember all that I wore in here) and the picture is cute I think. Maybe it just got lost into the archives. I remember we were going for a friend’s place for a night out and how excited I was. It was one of the first times in the new place with the new friends.

I’m not sure if I would still wear the same thing. I do know that no matter who I’d like to dress-to I still have feminine style, though I don’t wear dresses and skirts that much anymore. Anyhow I know that progress is a good thing.



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3 thoughts on “Outfit from fall 2008

  1. I heard that somewhere as well, that if you make it public (your resolution to do something or your goals) that you are more likely to acheive what you set out to do.You do look fabulous here, but you still look fabulous now. :)Lovely blog. Hope we can give eachother a follow. I see we have lots in common! :)-Sandra.*(

  2. I agree with Sandra above, you do look fabulous! Losing weight isn't a bad goal (and it's a really popular one), as long as it's done in a healthy manner! The outfit you have on is great. I love the tights, such a pretty color. The scarf gives the outfit a nice 'pop' effect, too!

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