Collection, couture, spring/summer 2011

Armani Privé Haute Couture spring/summer 2011

The Haute Couture week is here. The most magical, exciting and breathtaking fashion week of the season. Armani Privé was among the shows that opened the week. And as you can see and have heard Mister Armani went to a even more artistic direction than usual. Sure Armani’s style is always been very artistic, Italian and made pieces, that suit the modern feminine and exploring women.

The first half of the show was about skirt suits and cocktail dresses. I think the hats were very beautiful -though a bit extravaganza. The outfits made out of just one color looked very modern and lovely. The block colors is a something we are getting to see more and more and the look of skirt suit, with leggings and heels is starting to seem like an office worthy look. Or what do you think?


The gowns were really amazing I think. I don’t often find Armani that special -not to my taste I mean. But this collection is different I think. Armani is known of making gowns to Lady Gaga, and it shows well in this collection. Gaga most likely wants something even more special than this one. But for the bit more “normal” celebs this is Gaga for them. And I can’t wait to see them wear this. Maybe Rachel Zoe will make Demi wear some?




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