couture, fashion week, runway, spring/summer 2011

Bouchra Jarrar and Alexis Mabille Couture

Bouchra Jarrar is one of the new names of Couture. The collections are quite small and minimalistic. Their style is very classic, sexy, feminine and business -like. I do enjoy the a-symmetric pieces as well as ones that have been draped. I think there is a lot to come from this name and I am definitely keeping my eye on them.

Their suits, you can see, are definitely done very well and they are to me the most exciting thing on the collection. Sure I like the dresses as well, but there’s not so much anything ground braking in them. The suit second from right was my absolute favorite look from the collection. So chic, so luxurious.

The brand almost seems to be sponsored by some luxe fur brand (they do that to get exposure for fur) as there are quite some pieces with fur and some of them look very experimental. I do love the look on far left. As it is simple yet fresh. The aviator jacket seems a little old and unsurprising choice for couture collection and the knit far right has some exciting mix of fur in the collar.

Alexis Mabille has grown on me and is now one of my must check out couture lines. I know it’s not a big name yet. But I am pretty sure it’s just a matter of time. Just look at these! A new Elie Saab to come!

This collection was pretty simple, with lots of signature white and draping. I love the two looks in the middle above. One pure white, one passionately red. The shape of the dress is just genious, it is so flattering and beautiful I’d love to wear even for my wedding day. The shorted dresses above are also so beautiful. The fairy and airy look of them. The simple and minimalistic silhouette and the exciting texture of lace.


These gowns are all red carpet worthy. And though we haven’t seen a lot of Alexis on the carpet (have we at all?) until now I am begging to see these pieces again. Definitely Oscar’s worthy pieces!



12 thoughts on “Bouchra Jarrar and Alexis Mabille Couture

  1. such a wonderful post. love how you put it together.thanks a lot for to see if i missed more of your posts nowhave a wonderful week dearxx

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