Finnish Fashion, Red carpet

Jenni Vartiainen in Katri/N

This is a bit late for this, but as many of you are not from Finland I feel safe to show you this look, which I quite surprisingly like. You remember the collection by Finnish Katri Niskanen I showed you about on weekend? Well she also does unique pieces when ordered and this is the latest that the public eye has seen. Jenni Vartiainen ( Finnish singer) wore it to Emma Gala where they give music award for Finnish artists. The jumpsuit is so special with the detailing on the bust. Not for everyone, but she definitely can wear it!

And by the way, she won 7 awards that night. Not bad.

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6 thoughts on “Jenni Vartiainen in Katri/N

  1. Terve rakas Juliet! Do you know that I have visited the place you live, Jyväskylä. It's very beautiful. Your blog is very pretty and I am now your follower! Terveisin. Philip

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