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Chanel resort 2012

It’s the time of year that resorts are coming again and I felt it natural to start with Chanel. Though the content of the blog has changed in the past few months to be almost only my personal style I love the fashion shows far too much to skip them. These I want to share with you anyways.Today I’ve been doing some important, but not so fun things like going to the post office, pharmacy, getting a doctor appointment for next week, buying the backpack for the interreil and now I’m gonna go the the train station to buy the ticket and then to gym to freeze my membership for summer (as I won’t be here). The only nice thing was the get-together with my friends -or friend as it turned out as she was the only one of the five who could make it :(. Any one who has ever tried to get a meeting of six adult with different timetables knows that it’s practically impossible.

I’m lucky I have Karl with me with days like these. For the evening I am going to wash windows and floors and then go for a long awaited run! So I’ll be leaving you with these yummy photos from the show. And as usual, the photos are not mine, they’re from All credits to that direction.

Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
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Free Image Hosting at
The collection is so nice I couldn’t tell a favorite even if I had to with a gun on my head.

p.s. Today I bought a domain for the blog, changes ahead that means and a giveaway also. Stay tuned!



19 thoughts on “Chanel resort 2012

  1. I think it was a great cruise collection. The last Chanel show not was in my opinion full of great ideas and garment, but cruise yes1 :D Great blog!xxHave a nice weekend! :)

  2. love love love this collection, you have got to love chanel!thankyou for the comment on my blog :)XOXO,BECCA

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