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Oscar and few buddies

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These collections had the common thread of that extra sparkle and luxury. Oscar de la Renta does what he does so well and Jenny Packham is my favorite bridal designer, so all else naturally from her is amazing. Fashion weeks often have lots of evening wear in them as celebrities and others like them have a huge need for them -you can’t really wear a gown more than once and usually they have lots of places to go and be seen.

Oscar de la Renta must be one of the most productive designers showing in NY. He’s always doing big collections, participates on the mid season collections and if what I’ve learned from Project Rachel Zoe is true he always keeps looks out of the shows that are just as impressive as the ones that do make the cut to the runway. What I’d really like to see is what did he left out this time. The show had lots of fruit colors, impressive gowns and just slightly more modest cocktail dresses. The Miuccia’s created trend of “bananas” could be spotted, but it had translated from hip and edgy to more classic and something to be taken seriously. The first dress from right with the powder fringes reminds me in the most wonderful way of the dress Carrie wore once in SATC.

Rodarte has been on the spotlight for years now. It’s wonderful how different collection comes from their house every season. This time the inspiration clearly had came from a art museum. Van Gogh I think, right? The most famous paintings starry starry night and vase with 12 sunflowers have been used as the base of the color palette and partly used as prints on the garments. It’s a risky move I think, but a beautiful outcome.

Alice + Olivia had slight 60s inspiration and the color palette had a light touch even with the black and white stripes. The silhouettes were short and minimalistic with a feminine touch. The shoes of the collection were particularly fancy.

What do you like?

Lisää muotiviikkoja, toivottavasti vielä ei kyllästytä. Näissä kokoelmissa on erilaista juhlallisuuden tuntua. Kukaan ei kai ole yhtä tuottoisa New Yorkissa kuin Oscar de la Renta, joka kuuluukin Amerikan muodin harvoihin vanhoista muotikeisareista. Tämäkin kokoelma oli suuri ja mieleen nousee vain että mitä meille ei näytetty tällä kertaa. Rodarte joka on myös suuressa suosiossa ollut jo jonkin aikaa teki näyttävät kokoelman. Inspiraationa oli ilmeisesti ollut Van Gogh ja hänen töitään starry starry night ja vase with 12 sunflowers oli käytetty kokoelman pohjana ja printtien inspiraationa. Kuulostaa hurjalta, mutta lopputulos on mahtava.

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