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Pre-Fall 2012 No: 1 Prints

I have last night went through the pre-fall 2012 collections that were available in and boy did it take time. Does anybody else remember when pre-fall, resort and cruise were just odd new seasons that only few of the biggest fashion houses took part on. Like there were twenty to forty collections to go through in them. Now it looked like it could have just as well be the complete fall collections. That’s how much there were different collections. I did a little summery on 39 of them ( oh yes. you got it right, thirty-nine!) and I think that I did a horrible job in limiting the collections. But as a fashion junkie I pretty much appreciate most of the collections whether or not they are my personal style or not.  I divided the collections to four posts so you wouldn’t be completely overwhelmed. And so I wouldn’t die on the amount of collectionanalysistalkaboutwhatisthehotthingofeachcollection -talk.

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This might very well be my favorite collection of this category. These looks were in the very first photos on and opinions jut continued and continued. I love the pink rose print colorblock look on far left. The far roght look with parka styled vest dress is super cute too. I have always wondered why on tomato people buy/use white boots, as the result usually is pretty much of a girl who walks the streets when it gets dark if you know what I mean. But here whoever has styled the Thakoon Addition PF12 collection really knows what they are doing. Of course the boots could as well be designed to the collection. I just have no idea if this line carries accessories at all.

I think the color palette of the collection was well chosen and pretty much perfect for the end of summer (which I like to call pre-fall) old rose, olive green, red, orange, navy and black. I think it’s good that this collections a bit smashes the wall between summer and fall and is strongly in between. The silhouettes are loose and boxy and they kind a represent to me that in that time of year it doesn’t matter what size you are. The collection’s pieces are very comfortable and practical for the starting of a new time. Jackets and coats the very basic forms and dresses and blouses that still let you have fun an enjoy the last of sun and warmth.
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Temperley London has for a long time been a favorite of mine. The style isn’t quite mine, but it’s something I look up to and appreciate. Temperley is very classic, chic and feminine. Very grown up and inspired a lot from the long gone decades. This collection included many maxi length dresses, mostly evening gowns but also some that can be used for daytime. The rest of the looks were mostly skirts or cocktail dresses and still very dressed up. Traditionally temperley isn’t casual wear label and they stay true to that. The color palette was very rich and fall-y with gold, emerald green, fuchsia and black. The gold got extra glamour from different textures and prints that made the fabric  pop from the outfit and look even more expensive.

Unlike in the the previous collection the silhouette here is very body hugging and slim. Very strongly borrowed from the 20th century. This collection is very usable inspiration if you work in a place where etiquette is a bit stiff or if you just like to dress to the style of old hollywood. And notice: polkadot tights are still going to be a thing next fall! I say it’s a good this how cute do they look on the outfit far right?

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Though I very much adore Stella McCartney sometimes she uses a form, piece or a print that I don’t fully understand but pretend to like as she is such a hip and cool designer. Well, those looks I didn’t pick here. Wonder why, but the print on the middle look is absolutely fantastic I think. The paisley print is very charming and fitting to our times if you understand a bit of the politics -not that I would. The bright sky blue used in the collection happens to be my favorite color so I would have loved it just for that. If we talk about the silhouettes here we all know that Stella is a big on the loose, over sized and boxy blazer/coat line of thinking and it’s not going to end in this collection either. The skirt suit on far left is ver brilliant look and with the peep toe wedges it looks very fresh and modern.

And something about the hemlines also. Mostly in this collection we saw the midi length showed on right and I strongly believe that it is a look we are going to see soon on the streets on the normal women too. It’s something that has been coming to us for some time now and if I predict right next fall will be the break through season of it. If I’m wrong feel free to laugh at me, I won’t mind. As passionately I take fashion it is what it is. Just fashion.
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Now here’s a collection that has been out just for a while and is already enjoying quite a hype. Not that I could blame any one. As I do simply love it too. The warm rust colors of the collection is very lovely. I can’t really put a name on the shade of it. Is is purple, rust red or something completely else. Please help me if you can name it. I sure can’t.

The collection featured lots of print and leather and had a bit of the feeling that H&M last fall mini collection had just without the vintage touch and a bit more sporty silhouette. To my thinking this was a very large range collection from everyday trousers to red carpet evening gowns. And I have to say if I don’t have leather shorts by next fall I’ll have to slap my self.
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I just love the prints in this collection. The photography prints are something I like very much. I also adore the very modern kind of mix between fur and fabric. The whole collection runs in the light color palette of sand, white, light grey and baby blue. And the black gives the collection frames. Though all casual (smart casual) the collection consists mostly off dresses and tunics. Most of the collection pieces have some kind of peaceful and beautiful landscape photography of a desert, icebergs and maybe a pyramid.

Some materials I didn’t like as super as the others, but that’s a matter of taste. Some of the fur pieces had wind shell kind a material in them, which is sure modern, but maybe a bit too  much of it. Some pieces had a part of them used in a different color fabric in the same curved cut.
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Missoni is sure to be on the print list. They never fail to be true to their style and colors. Missoni is a genius in using rich and warm colors. Missoni is famous for the zik zak print and it’s well showed in this collection also in larger and smaller size. The collection is in knit and wool fabrics. And silhouettes close to hourglass. The dresses are pulled in at the waist with a large belt and yes, waist is where it really it’s.

The color palette goes with different hues of red, orange, purple, brown, pink, yellow and   grey. And to true Missoni style no piece is left one colored. The colors always seem to find unique friends: like yellow and pink, purple and orange etc.
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Matthew Williamson is known to be a fun designer, who never designs basic stuff that anyone would swallow. He is a designer for girls and women who like it a bit more fun and don’t believe in the rules in fashion that some people swore to.

The colors of the collection are night blue, yellow, light blue, emerald green and gold. Very strange color combination, though I have to admit that it works in a very Williamson sort of way. The prints use the same colors and I have to name the print on the cardigan far right my favorite. And the fur compliments it very well -though I think it is a bit heavy for August -which is what I see pre-fall as. Even here in Finland it rarely gets so cold that one would need that much warming up in that time of year.
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I am a huge fan of Italian fashion. I think it is pretty much unbeatable. It may not have the huge following as some parisian colleagues, but if I look just at the pieces it is much more to my liking. Just Cavalli is the diffusion line by Roberto Cavalli and we young passionate fashion lovers are it’s target. I have to admit that I’m impressed with this. I very much like the whole collection. The dress and boots on the far left is a gorgeous outfit for early fall. One I could easily imagine myself wearing. The blue print pants on the middle are something very trendy to come the following season and if you don’t mind my poor tips I think that prints on pants, jackets and pretty much everywhere is a coming trend. And can you tell me an outfit that wouldn’t work well with a leather jacket? That’s because there isn’t one! The leather dress on far right is a perfect example of the fashion at this moment. The loose silhouette with mini length, interesting natural material combined with sexy boots to balance the outfit back to super sexy feminine and the beautiful feather necklace gives the dress a vocal point to look at and also adds some needed color to the look.

The colors in this collection are very fall -like, but the cuts of the clothes help that matter some. Blue, red, black, grey and white are the main colors and prints vary in blue, grey and orange. Basic silhouette of the collection is never right next to the skin and the clothes just go down the body beautifully. And as a good Italian fur is not left behind in this collection ether (this is something I love).
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Erdem is loved for it’s prints and happy colors. In this collection the colors are strongly borrowed from summer collection and shapes and silhouettes from fall collection. And all done in a great Erdem style. The collection is colored with navy, yellow, orange and sand. Where as the pieces include pencil skirt, button-up shirts, shift dresses and trench coats -clearly the usual fall stuff.

The prints are high on my favorite list. The subtle rose prints that come and go in what seems like a natural way are really beautiful and in no way overwhelming. Sure some pieces are full of prints but I don’t mind that. Lately this kind of flower prints are becoming one of my favorites. Actually my new favorite print I have on my tea cup.
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DVF is very good at designing clothes for women. I don’t know how she does it season after another, but here is another great one. What we see: Simple work dresses, fur vest, long gloves, transparent black socks, thigh high boots, clutches, sunnies and reasonable sized handbag. All very good for the working women. And as we see, the fur vest thing is just not going to go away. The long gloves is a trend that was visible in countless other collections too. So if you find a pair you like at reasonable price grab it. I bet it’s a coming trend, like hats were this fall.

The collection was a large one, 44 looks. And the colors went from white to black stopping at gold, yellow, red, blue and green. Again I’m repeating these colors. Note to self: primary colors are a coming trend. And gold on clothes without sequins. Diane designs clothes for mainly the working woman and you can see it in the shapes of the pieces and the silhouettes of the looks that they are not made thinking about that 20-something year old it girl, but rather the 40 or 50 -something year old working woman to who fashion isn’t the first priority in life (note, children, husband/wife, work, housework, friends, elderly parents etc.)

That’s it for now. Now I’m going off to have a wonderful lazy evening -or what’s left of it- with my bf. Some baking, chips, something good to drink and maybe supernatural or some new movie.

p.s. I don’t have school tomorrow!

p.p.s. Olen pahoillani tuon teksti tulvan jälkeen en todellakaan jaksa suomentaa sitä! Toivottavasti kaikki myös suomenkieliset lukijani saavat tästä jotain irti. Ja ainakin saatte hyvät naurut jos syötätte tämän tekstin google translateen :). Niin ja jos kaipaatte myös näihin super pitkiin suomenkielistä selostusta niin laittakaa viestiä tuonne kommenttiboxiin, jos toisin ei pyydetä toimin näin tälläisten superpitkien kanssa. Muutoin en aio suomennusten kirjoittamista lopettaa.


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