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Finding the perfect Trench Coat

Since I accidentally destroyed my dear and perfect trench coat last fall (from zara). I have been thinking about getting a new one for ever since I realized that the one I have is no longer wearable. Now the spring is coming and at the same time the time when I could actually wear a trench coat (and not freeze myself). So I did a little post for both me and both you and explored few of my favorite shops. I also did my best to look at the budget -as I seriously don’t have hundreds to spend in one piece of clothing.

My favorites in these are the exciting long trench from Selected Femme (No. 2.), the two traditional trenches from Mango (No. 8 & 9.). I would love the coat to be long with the belt made out of the same fabric as I love to just tie it rather than using the buckle. I still wouldn’t want it to be boring and definitely not just like everybody else’s. I hate it when I walk down the street and see a stranger wearing the exact same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing -honestly- against my friends wearing the same thing, but seeing a stranger in my clothes makes me fell embarrassed and just make me want to go and change.

Aina sen jälkeen kun vahingossa tuhosin trenssini viime syksynä olen alitajuisesti yrittänyt korjata sen aiheuttamaa suurta koloa vaatekaapissani. Mutta tähän asti en ole löytänyt mitään mikä olisi oikeanlainen. Se miten paljon mua harmittaa että onnistuin tuhoamaan sen yhden täydellisen trenssin mitä olen tähän asti löytänyt. Listasin sitten tähän aika paljon itselleni, mutta samalla myös teille tälläisen postauksen missä listasin vähän valikoimaa omista lempikaupoistani. Tahtoisin löytää sen täydellisen mahdollisimman nopeasti, sillä nyt alkaa olla lämpötilat niillä main, että tälläistä takkia voisi alkaa jo käyttämään. Ja oman kokemukseni mukaan trenssitakki on yksinkertaisesti kaikkein parhaan näköinen kevät ja kesä ja syksy takki mitä on olemassa.

Omia suosikkeja näistä vaihtoehdoista ovat numero kakkonen, Selected Femmen vähän erilainen, mutta silti pohjiltaan perinteinen. Mutta 200€ hinta on hieman liikaa, huolimatta miten hieno se on. Muita suosikkeja ovat Mangon trenssit numeroilla 8 ja 9. Tykkään 8 perinteisyydestä -se myös näyttää näistä eniten siltä edesmenneeltä trenssiltäni. Numero 9 taas on kivan raikas valkoisessaan. 

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1. A simple two breasted trench with a leather belt from Vila, here.

2. Pretty much perfect trench with leather details from Selected Femme, here.

3. Minimalistic trench coat from Vila that comes also in green, here.

4. Very traditional short trench coat from Vero Moda, here.

5. Two breasted trench coat with navy details from Vero Moda, here.

6. White trench coat with a zipper from Object, here.

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7. Powder shade two breasted trench coat from Mango, here.

8. Long classic trench coat from Mango, here.

9. White clean trench coat from Mango, here.

10. Modern two breasted trench coat with out a belt from Zara, here.

11. Minimalistic trench coat with leather details from Zara, here.

12. Traditional raincoat trench coat from Zara, here.

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13. Clean business like trench coat from Mango, here.

14. A collarless nude-black trench coat from Topshop, here.

15. Modern trench with a zipper and black sleeves from Vero Moda via Nelly, here.

16. Classic trench coat with faux leather sleeves from Glamorous via Roxie, here.

17. A -line classic trench coat from Topshop, here.

18. Modern trench with exciting details from Topshop, here.


7 thoughts on “Finding the perfect Trench Coat

  1. You can never go wrong with a classic trench! I finally made the investment in a Gryphon trench last year–it’s pretty long though–and I never realized it before but I probably would have preferred a shorter version just because i’m not very tall. Just go for something well-made and you’ll love (and wear it) forever!

  2. Upon creation someone messed up my DNA strings and I ended up quite stocky and bulky for a short little woman. So trenches seem to hate me with a burning passion. Something about the proportions that just don’t work for me. :(
    They are so chic though.

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