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Vappu asu

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Feather head piece: H&M fashion against AIDS / Shoes: Converse / Shirt: H&M / Necklace: Friis & Company & vintage cross / Jeans: H&M / Watch: Leijona / Bangles: H&M

Gosh! I need to _stop_ shopping at H&M! Any how this is what I wore the day before yesterday – Mayday. It’s a one of the biggest celebrations here in Finland and the one day it’s perfectly fine to dress up in a costume all day long. The traditional way would have been to wear my graduation hat, but as this feather piece is brand new I wanted to test it out. And actually, I’m not sure if it is too much for a normal day wear? What do you think? The necklace a la Friis & Company is few years old, back when these things were the newest thing, but this one is still in such a fine shape that it doesn’t even look old! And I like the tribal look that the necklace and the feather head piece make together!

Tässä on tämän tytön vappu asua. Tänä vuonna päähän ei eksynyt klassinen yo -lakki, vaan tuollainen inkkaripanta siitä H&M:n fashion against aids mallistosta. Rehellisesti sanottuna en tuota ostaessani ajatellut niin pitkälle että olisin keksinyt voivani käyttää sitä nyt vappuna. Itse asiassa olin sielä kaupassa niin koomassa, että kotona vähän ehdin jo kirota itseäni turhasta shoppailusta, mutta onneksi pääsi käyttöön. Ja onko tuo nyt niin räikeä? Eikö sen kesällä voisi ihan arkenakin laittaa päähän? Festareille se ainakin lähtee mukaan!


2 thoughts on “Vappu asu

  1. Hi! Wow, this headpiece looks awesome! I haven’t seen it in “real life”, only in the online shop but it looks really great on you, I also love how you combined it with the necklace, very pretty! You should definitely wear it more often ;)
    And after being visitor to your blog for quite some time, I wanted to ask you whether you would like to follow each other via Bloglovin’? I would be very glad about that :)

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