Holy moly!

Dior has fired John Galliano, because of his rude comments about Jewish people. Natalie Portman has also cut him off and told the press she want nothing to do with the ex creative director or Dior. more here. I am in shock, even though he isn’t one of my favorite designers, to see his go. Dior will have a huge change ahead as it’s hard to think they’d even try to follow the same path Galliano has had them for years and years now. How will they choose and how will she or he handle the pressure will be seen. I know I am waiting for it excited for Dior and sad for Galliano’s big mistake. But no matter what worms came out of his mouth he’s already a huge page on the fashion history. A fact we can not deny. I hope he learns from his mistakes.



p.s. I am really sick at the moment -great being ill on my only vacation for God knows how long. Though better now that in the middle of my project.

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