fall/winter 10/11, fashion week, R.I.P.

The Last Collection.

source: vogue.uk.com
It is a great loss that this will be the last collection designed by the Alexander McQueen himself. It is detailed from head to toe and it is finished beautifully. When there was the scare that the collection wouldn’t be shown I was really disappointed. I think the decision they made about showing the collection was perfect. If it would have been “open” show the delicate and sore moment would have easily been ruined. This moment is the wake for us fans, and we must cherish it. That they didn’t want it largely photographed to me doesn’t mean that they didn’t want it shown. Every dying soul has the right for one last wish and the last words. It is not up to us to take those rights  away from anyone.
This collection is the last words of Alexander McQueen. It will be written down in history and (I’m sure about this) it will be shown in museums. To see the talent that made a collection like this gone is heart braking. McQueen was known for spectacular shows and large extremely detailed haute couture -kind of pieces. This show in it’s tender simplicity screams of the absence of the designer. In my personal opinion I think the proportion of the collection is one sign of his depression. I think we must cease to think how man so adored and respected could end up feeling so alone to end up with such a tragic choice.
I know I will cherish this collection -not just because the tragic background but also cause it simply is amazing. The golden embroidery, the carefully printed fabrics (by McQueen himself I’ve heard) and the careful pleating all makes up a beautiful, strong and royal collection. My self I am getting images of warrior princesses, swans and queens.


How do you feel about this collection?