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Golden Globes red carpet 2011

The charming Lea Michele wore Oscar de la Renta to the globes. Last year I had no idea who she was -now I can luckily say I recognized her face. I really love this charming and fresh gown. It suits her young age and hew natural color palette. And she just seems to glow in it. I didn’t put my favorites on some certain points or marks. But She’s definitely on my list of top 5. And the girls who are looking for a prom dress, wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses. Hint! This I think is something that has great inspiration and would suit a normal girl just perfectly. Very Scarlett O’Hara I think.

Natalie Portman wore amazing Victor and Rolf gown flaunted her growing belly. I love this dress and how it both shows off her pump and enhances her glow. I think this must be the best pregnancy gown I have seen on the red carpet. I know some like to flaunt it and show it off, but somehow this look is more mature and mother-ly in my eyes.

I also love the accessories. I think the clutch goes perfectly with the rose on the bust. The jewelry is out of this world I think it’s perfect choice for this look. Simple but effective earrings and necklace are the perfect match to the dress. Also don’t you think her look here suits perfectly her campaign with Dior.

Emma Stone wore Calvin Klein to the Globes and I just love it. I love the fact that she chose such a simple gown for such an American and glamorous event. A thing that you just got to love! I think the fit is beyond perfect, it must have been made just for her, you just can’t achieve a fit like that with just alterations. I also think that the train is a really nice effect in such a lovely minimalistic gown. It’s a pretty the carpet is red as I think the color would have made her glow more against some different (colder?) color, now it highlights her tan a bit too much.

Leighton Meester shocked some with wearing Burberry to the Gala, but I think it’s a straight A. Maybe the sweetheart American girl isn’t the most obvious match with this British god, but can’t you see how well it all goes together. She looks just like and English tea rose. And Do I remember right that the heels are Jimmy Choo? Not sure there.

She got some trash talk about not showing off her entire body, something I never understand. I mean, we can see her  all the way up! I think this is a straight hint of the direction we are again going ahead to. Dressing like a nun may sound boring, but it can be so sexy done with the right twist. Haven’t we seen enough of cleavage, buts, backs and legs already? One is enough. Thank you.

Anne Hathaway wore surprise surprise Armani Prive. Not a huge shock there. Much more in the dress I think. Anne usually sports much more classic and princess-y gowns to important event like this one, so it was refreshing to see that mister Armani does this kind too and how damn good Anne looks in it. It’s not something that would work on her on all the time use, the glamour dries off quite quickly.

I don’t know what I should think of the fact that all my favorites were in the rose, pink, gold shades. Maybe I have suffered a setback. Though it doesn’t feel like it with gowns this amazing.

(picture source: Celebuzz)

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