Sonia Rykiel pour H&M

I am so shopping a set or two from this collection! When the Roberto Cavalli for H&M launcehd I went for the lingerie also, and this time they’re just so much better! Sonia Rykiel has been a favorite of mine a long time and even more since I visited the Sonia Rykiel exhibition in Paris last spring. Having a piece of my own is something I just can’t wait for.
And of course, no doubt the show it self was a event to remember. I don’t think H&M has ever been a part of anything that big-scale. But of course SR is from a different world. I love it how the models’ makeup and hair was kept in the true SR -style and how they were not on a usual runway / serious faces etc. It’s nice for a change to see them on a big “flying” stage and waving to the audience -which had so many gorgeous models, actresses, journalists and designers (and few bloggers, I know for a fact).
But as picture is worth of thousand words, video must be worth of so much more, I let them do the talking. I just wanted to post these, so you guys would get to see the better quality (yes, H&M site has HD -quality, but are they slow and buggy). On youtube you can find so much more of these. I think they are so well edited. And to see models on swings, well, that’s just priceless!

And Merry December -I think I haven’t said it yet.